Thursday 20 October 2016

Dentzz Dental treatment review story - A story of care & quality at mumbai clinic review

I don’t know why, ever since I was I a kid, I’ve been really afraid of going to a dentist. Just the thought fills me with too much dread. Maybe it is a family thing you know. My mother has a pathological fear of the dentist which she has probably passed on to me. Now mostly this would be irrelevant except that her fear kept her from taking me to the dentist for regular check-ups as a kid. When I did go, the experience was less than pleasant, so I got in the habit of always postponing appointments at the dentist.

So of course a while back when my marriage got finalised, I really wanted the perfect smile for my big day. But I kept on postponing taking an appointment. I was afraid of what the dentist would find. I mean if I had a cavity, I would need a root canal and that was something I did not want to think about at all. After a long time, and I mean a loooong time, I finally thought enough is enough, I have to do something. I had only 6 months to the wedding day and I really wanted to look good next to be my husband to be. 

I asked a lot of people where to go as I did not have too much faith in the family dentist and I wanted world class results. But how to find the right dentist??? My friend at that time had just finished her MBBS and was working on her specialty. She told me not to go to just anyone but to find a good clinic that specialised in how teeth look. She said that technology has advanced so much, procedures are very relaxed these days and as long as I found a dentist who knew what he was doing, things would be fine. I did a lot of online research then, and spoke to other friends and family. In the middle of all that I met an aunt of mine who stays in Delhi. She said that she goes to Dentzz for herself and her little one. I thought, oh these guys are big and well known, they should be a safe bet. 
After cross checking with other patients I was like, I have nothing to lose, let me give them a call. So I did. Let me tell you I was so nervous when making the call. But that lady who answered the phone (Natasha I think), hat’s off to her she put me at ease, instantly. In no time I was totally comfortable with her and felt like I could share my worries about the dental work needed. She immediately booked me an appointment slot and said that after meeting the dentist they would figure what all I needed and recommend the right procedures. Along with that they would then give me a more accurate quote, but for the time being she gave me a ball park quote which I was honestly very happy with. 

On the day of my appointment I was in two minds. To go or not to go. But Natasha called me with a reminder of my appointment and I felt really reassured. Now let’s see what’s the worst thing that could happen? So I went to the Andheri branch of Dentzz. I went a little early because, nerves! I must tell you guys I was not expecting what I saw AT ALL. I mean I knew they were a big deal and all but that they were SUCH a big and premium clinic I had no idea!!! Like everything was tip top. The whole place felt both rich, stylish and yet like these guys knew what they were doing. I automatically felt a little more at ease. The receptionist asked me to sit, offered me water and everything. I already felt like I was in good hands.

In my appointment I met Dr. Karishma. She was like one of those friendly, kind and approachable doctors who is patient and very wise. I mean she was kind and courteous and she really paid attention to what I was looking for. I wanted to fix my smile because some of my teeth were chipped while others were yellowing. For my wedding I wanted to smile without feeling conscious. The Doc asked me all sorts of questions, about my food habits and what not. After everything she said that actually it was very straightforward, I would need crowns to fix the chipped teeth and a teeth whitening procedure to fix the colouring problem. Okay so far so good. Then she said that we would need to do the whitening before the crown procedure. And that later I could come back for another whitening procedure just before my big day. So simple!!! I really thought to myself why had I been panicking so much. She gave me some options for the crowns, and explained that Dentzz even gives warranties on their crowns. How cool is that? 

I walked out of the appointment and spoke to the receptionist. She broke down the costs for me which were well within the ball park quote that they had given me so I was quite happy to book my next appointment for the teeth whitening and all. Phew! I felt already a little relived. The stress was gone. The doc had explained the procedures in so much detail that I had actually run out of questions and concerns. 

When I finally went for my teeth whitening procedure, I was super calm and collected. I went and was chilling at the waiting area with a nice magazine. And for good reason. The entire process went like clockwork. I mean the process was smoother than getting a pedicure, I kid you not! After protecting my teeth, they applied some gel and shone some funky light to make it work better. Super simple! I was listening to nice relaxing music the whole time and didn’t feel a thing. When she finally washed all the stuff off my teeth, oh goodness I was jumping and squealing on the inside. I was just soo happy with the results, I looked like a super star. Okay maybe that was an exaggeration but I know my fiancĂ© was going to be really impressed. The doc then went on to tell me how to take precautions to ensure the whiteness lasts as long as possible. I loved that he took so much energy and time to explain all this to me. Which is why I had to pen down this Dentzz review. 

Now, I knew that this was the easy bit. The crowning was still left and that was gunna be the breaker. The dentist told me that they would be using a CEREC machine that would create the crown on the same day as my appointment and it would be fitted on me then only. That made things really convenient for me. I booked my next appointment at the clinic. 

My next appointment was the biggie and by this time I was really comfy at the clinic. At the time of my appointment my teeth were prepared for the crowns. Then they used some big imaging machine to design the best type of crowns for my teeth. I waited for a while as the crowns were created. When they were ready the dentist simply attached them over my teeth and they were a perfect fit!! More than that, they felt exactly like my natural teeth, so not only did they look stunning, changing my smile completely, they felt so normal! It was like looking at a different person in the mirror! The guys at Dentzz also told me that my crowns come with a warranty, so if anything goes wrong they can fix them easy peasy. 

I thanked Dr. Karishma so much and she was so graceful about the whole thing. She advised me on how to maintain my crowns and take care so I don’t damage them in any way. 
That was the end of my visits. I walked feeling so much more confident about myself and felt like I had achieved some milestone. I cannot thank Dentzz enough. On the day of my wedding, I was smiling bright and proud next to my hubby and I looked as happy as I felt.  Moreover, the crows have been so awesomely natural, they feel just like my normal teeth and give me zero issues. 
If you are looking for any kind of dental work, I cannot recommend Dentzz enough. These guys really have their stuff together. They pay so much attention to every little thing so you can walk in there with your eyes closed and you will know that you are in good hands. They really have earned the trust of their patients, and once you go there I guarantee you will never go to another dentist again.

  • They are really conveniently located in Mumbai so travelling to their clinics is zero stress.
  • The support staff is simply super. I mean so often a receptionist or nurse will be really rude to you and annoy you at a doctor’s office, nothing like this ever happens at Dentzz. They train their staff to be super kind, nice and considerate to patients so they feel well taken care of.
  • The Dentists are personally checked by Dr Jarardi who founded Dentzz. He’s such a top notch dentist with years of experience and a lot of celebrities go to him as well. So you know that he will only hire dentists who will enhance his reputation. The dentists he picks are usually class toppers and they have trained around the world. How do I know this? Older patients at Dentzz told me and if she is an example of the kind of docs at Dentzz then I have no reason to doubt him.
  • They are extra hygienic. From disposable gloves and all to the kind of materials they use. Everything is cleaned to a T. You won’t find a speck of dirt also in that space. These guys take that work is worship thing really seriously.
  • They use top of the line machinery and tools. Like some of the stuff is really hi-tech and fancy. A lot of the great services they offer are because of their uncompromising attitude to technology.
Okay so I really don’t have any cons as such but it would be great if they could implement the following.
  • They could be a little cheaper. I mean I could afford the treatments and they were very upfront about the costs. Considering they are a premium dental clinic their prices are justified but I couldn’t help wish the costs were a wee bit lower.
  • They need more clinics. While they have some in Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai, I think a few more in each city would really help them a lot.

Basically if you need any dental work, I would strong recommend Dentzz dental. These guys know what they are doing and will be sure to fix your dental problems in a snap. I even sent my mom to Dentzz after my experience and she was really happy with how understanding they were. No one made her feel about the state of her teeth and fixed everything so simple she was left wondering why she put off going to the dentist for long. Now even mom sends everyone to Dentzz and most people thank her for it! This is like a one stop dental clinic that offers solutions to just about any dental problem that you might possibly have. As a Dentzz review, I know this has been really long, but these guys made my wedding picture perfect, so I really think they deserve all the awesome praise they can get! 


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